Working on my BMC311 Course

It’s freezing outside so happy I can be working on this today!


I looked at two competitors websites, (site A) and (site B) and compared them to my business website, (site C) using the following websites:


A – Global Rank 701, 388 and Rank in Canada 17, 8080

B – Global Rank 436, 325 and Rank in Canada 7,494

C – no ranking


A – Peak Visits was 6000

B – Peak Visits was 9000

C – no ranking


A – PR was 5/10

B – PR was 2/10

C – PR was 2/10


A – 86 Root Domains and 1,524 Total Links

B – 108 Root Domains and 997 Total Links

C – 7 Root Domains and 11 Total Links


A – Overall Percentage Score was 83/100

B – Overall Percentage Score was 78/100

C – Overall Percentage Score was 47/100

Overall site A performed very well, site B was very close in all measures and appeared to generate more visits during the month of January. Site C needs considerable SEO to improve it’s ranking online.


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